Thursday, March 6, 2008

Transition Year Prize

This is the first time there has been a dedicated prize for pupils taking Classical Studies in the T.Y. Programme. We've decided to make the prize as open as possible in terms of submissions by pupils. Basically you have an hour to write (under exam conditions) a prepared piece of work on any aspect of the Classical world. How's that? It could be something you take a special interest in, something you studied in depth in Junior Cert. Latin or Classical Studies, something you've swotted up on in the last week. It could be a review of some work of art, a travel piece recounting a trip to a site of classical interest, an opinion piece on the Parthenon marbles. Anything.

The prize will tke place in the Library today, Monday 11th from 6.45, for an hour. Here at the Clog we'd encourage as many of you as possible to enter, and who knows it might form the basis of a successful entry into the Transition Year Academic Prize

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