Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter Hols

Mocks and end of term exams are well and truly over, revision schedules have been published for Form VI and III and the (working) holidays have arrived. No more posts here for a bit but for next term we have lined up some book reviews by the Transition Year set of works of fiction in our college library which are set in the classical world or at least use it as their inspiration. 

We notice that Seamus Heaney's take on Sophocles' Antigone, 'The Burial at Thebes' is being produced, once again, (its premier was only perhaps four years ago) by the Abbey, our national theatre and if there is a desire to go to it, particularly among members of the Junior play cast and the TY set who have studied it we will certainly organise a booking. I wonder why Seamus thought it a good ides to change the play's name? Anyone? Anyone?

In 'Other News & Developments' our Form III trip to the Bay of Naples is coming along nicely, it seems. This trip will leave on the 30th April and return with everyone else at the end of the May Exodus on May 5th. 18 pupils and 4 members of the teaching staff are travelling. Don't forget your passports on return from the Easter break, especially those Irish residents among you who generally don't need them in the normal run of the school term. The itinerary will include all the classic sites: Pompeii (twice), Herculaneum, the Archaeological Museum and more, for instance we will visit one of the islands in the bay, either the famous Capri or perhaps the cute island of Procida and there may be time for a tourist trap like Sorrento. Superb.  

Finally before signing off for the remainder of these wonderful three weeks confirmation just in that one of our Classical Studies teachers, Mr. Swift has been accepted as one of only 30 foreigners to compete in the annual swimmimg race across that iconic strait of water the Hellespont. Rich in tales from myth and history the first Hellespont swimmer was lovestruck Leander. His feats were matched by Lord Byron and now our very own 'Swifty' is all signed up and not yet ready to go...but he's got till August 28th!

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