Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Junior Play 2008

Here is long overdue review of the Junior Play 2008, Sophocles' Antigone.

Directed by Peter McCarthy and performed in the BSR this production had a cast drawn from Forms II, III and IV. In modern costume and with a starkly black and bare set, the drama posed a real challenge for the cast. The classic tale of the struggle between Creon (Robin Fitzpatrick) and Antigone (Anna Traill) provided a great sense of tension as evidenced by the silence of the audience.

Accompanied by a reproduction of ancient Greek music, the Chorus (Opeline Kellett and Gina Mirow) introduced the play and then commented on the action throughout. The individual scenes involving Creon, the Citizen (Kate Haslett), the Soldier (Fred Mann), Ismene (Alannah Howie) and Haemon (Jasper Pickersgill) all built towards one of the highlights, Antigone's final speech. Here Anna Traill certainly held the audience with a compelling and emotional performance as Antigone bade farewell to life .

The conversation between Creon and Teresias (Sebastian Stephenson) provided some hope of a happy ending as Creon decided to take the prophet's advice and free Antigone, but it was too late.

The news of the double suicide of Antigone and Haemon was related to the Queen (Sophie Kyd-Rebenburg) by the Messenger (Patrick Tice), who gave a masterly account of the tragedy. The return of a broken Creon was further blighted by news of the Queen's death, leaving Robin Fitzpatrick to contemplate, in a powerfully emotional finale, the folly of his ways and the worthlessness of misguided kingship.

It was left to the Chorus to remind us that:

The greatest gifts a man can have
Are Wisdom and the fear of Heaven.
Man's pride will always be punished
And all his boastfulness brought low.

This was a magnificent performance from all the cast and is testimony to the tremendous talent in the college.

Due to gremlins in the system, the photographs are not yet available but they are on the way!

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