Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Oedipus Rex

Here are some thoughts from Form V:

Crispin Maenpaa writes:After reading 'Oedipus Rex' the first thing that comes to mind is how disturbing the play truly is. The plot centres on Oedipus, who, it is prophesied, will kill his father and marry his mother. The storyline involves him uncovering how this dark and eerie prophecy was fulfilled.

The action is unrelenting as key events occur. This keeps the reader on the edge of his seat and it's probably the most interesting play we have studied. It serves to give the reader numerous lessons such as the idea of 'hamartia' which means a flaw in character. We learn from Oedipus' flaws and seek to improve them in our own lives. the play teaches us to let certain things lie uncovered.

All in all it is a very enjoyable and fast paced play and is worth a read even for those who don't take Classical Studies as a subject.

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