Saturday, May 3, 2008

Today Was a Good Day, Today was a Damn Fine Day

Another scorcher draws to a close. The hottest so far, lovely though.

We set out at a leisurely pace for the town of Pozzuoli north of Naples to visit both the famous Solfatara, a volcanic crater that still appears very active to this day and the Flavian amphitheatre, Itay's third largest. Both went down well with the punters. It's really facinating when you come from placid old Dublin to just wander off a quiet street into an ancient steaming moonscape...the gates of hades.

After the amphitheatre (where Richard Brett gave us an introductory talk about the different functions it served) we lunched & browsed & eventually headed back to Naples proper for a conducted tour of a fraction of the artefacts housed by the National Archaeological Museum. The pupils were struck by seeing in the flesh artefacts they had only looked at laminated in a poster on the walls of Blackburn. The cabinet of secrets raised a few giggles.

This post has been brought to you by Tired but Happy Productions. A demani!

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